02 Sep 2011

The Sand

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G and I went to Huntington Beach to stay two nights to be near Russ. He was working there all week and his hours have been crazy for the last two months, so anything we can do to see him… We do.

G and I spent most of the day on the beach Wednesday. I’m not entirely a “beach person”. There’s a lot of shit you have to carry. There’s a lot of sand that gets into the shit that you carry. There’s a lot of sunblock that needs to be applied, that the sand then sticks to. There’s a lot of people. Did I mention the sand?

HOWEVER, since I have become a mom I try to “go with the flow” a little bit more. I try to stretch my wings, change my mind, and enjoy the beach.

We both thought it would be a great idea to make a sand castle. I was actually excited, because I haven’t made sand castles since I was a little kid.  I immediately got to work, taking all of our sand toys out of the bag and running to the ocean to fill our pail up with water. G was right behind me, cheering me on but not wanting to get too close to the waves. Running back up to where our gear was, I started pouring water on our chosen castle location. A couple more trips to the sea gave us a wet enough product to begin working with. I immediately made a small moat and a platform in the center of it. G and I started patting down the sand, getting ready to begin construction.

Then Garrett poured a whole lot of dry sand on the platform. I patiently tried to explain to him that you can not build with dry sand. He insisted I was wrong as he poured more dry sand onto the platform. “Garrett”, I lovingly said, “We need the sand to be wet so we can build with it.” I generously showed him how dry sand merely slipped through my fingers while wet sand stayed together. “See?”, I gently nudged, “The dry sand just falls away.”

My detailed explanation was met with more and more dry sand being recklessly thrown onto my would-be castle.

“I’m done!”, I defiantly exclaimed. “You can build the castle however you want to build it.” Then I laid back on our giant blanket and shielded my eyes from the sun. I daydreamed about falling asleep and waking up to Garrett and a group of helpful surfers having built a castle, the likes of which had never been seen. Actually, I was really just daydreaming about falling asleep. Period.

I took a few deep breaths and decided it was more important that G and I have a good time together than it was for us to “properly” build a castle. I sat up, checking to see if anyone was checking out my pathetically pale skin, and said, “Let’s build!”

“Yes! Let’s build a volcano!”

I quickly got to work, before he changed his mind. I made a volcano-type structure out of the WET sand I had previously made and G asked me to make a deep hole in the center. I did. And he filled it with dry sand. It looked awesome. We had come together, the two of us, and used our materials in a fashion that made us both content. I felt like a leader. I felt like a teacher. I felt like an accomodater (even if that isn’t a real word). And as I sat there, glowing in our achievements as a team… Garrett stomped the shit out of our volcano.

I then went back to spraying on sunblock, arranging towels, staring at tan people, and watching Garrett get as much sand as possible into his hair, bathing suit, and butt. At one point he agreed to hold my hand and let the water hit his feet. That ended with him screaming at me because it was too cold, and a couple of nearby dads laughing at me. By 3:20 we were both tired, starving and ready to pack it up. We met Russ for lunch, G drew an amazing surfer on the waves, and he and I headed back to the hotel room for baths and showers.

It was a good day. And that night, while G slept, I told him I love him. Then I subliminally whispered in his ear about the properties of sand, and how you can’t build a freaking thing with it if it’s dry.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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  1. Reply Melisa says:

    So true. He’ll learn soon enough about wet sand.

    And I can’t wait to chat with you on the phone in about 10-11 years, when you come to the realization that teenaged G really likes to be in control, and that he got that from you.

    (That happened to me. 🙂 )

  2. Reply Poppy says:

    You are way more mature than I am . I would be the one stomping the shit out of the volcano. Probably.

  3. Reply Michelle says:


  4. Reply Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him says:

    I love your last line – so funny.

    And I dream about surfers all the time. And they’re never building sand castles with my non-existent kids.

  5. Reply Charla Morgan says:

    Love your flawless mom blog, Lisa…. very nostalgic (for me) and funny!!!!! xo

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