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03 Sep 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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When I was a kid, school was like a prison to me. Not a high-security prison, but I guess more like jail. I felt like they had the wrong guy. Whatever they thought I did to get in there, I didn’t do.  I had a 13-year sentence.

Of course there were aspects of school I enjoyed: Drama, English, History, making fun of cheerleaders… And, even though Back to School commercials in August left me nauseated and trying to claw my eyes out… I LOVED Back to School Shopping.

I remember walking up and down the aisles at Thrifty, and picking out the things I wanted:

The perfect Ticonderoga #2 pencils

Pencil sharpeners

Bic pens

A pencil holder

Peachy Folders (How AWESOME were these?)

And my absolute favorite. The only thing that cushioned the blow of having to walk back through those prison doors:

College-Ruled Paper Spiral Folders

To this day, I have an obsession with lined-paper folders. I love them. It’s hard for me to pass them up. When I finally graduated, I wrote every sketch and monologue I was ever in on a college-ruled folder. I still use them for to-do lists, grocery lists, and to write the occasional treatment for a show or movie I’d like to write.

What are your favorite memories of back-to-school shopping? Or am I the only one that has them?