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16 Oct 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What is the last ridiculous thing that made you cry?

I booked a job on a new Disney show this week. It was something I had auditioned for several days before, but they didn’t let me know I had the job until 14 hours before I was due on the set.

Five years ago, they could have let me know about the job 14 MINUTES before I was to work, but now I have a son (in case you didn’t know), and this son of mine requires care, and I had no one to provide said care at the moment.

In addition, I had several appointments I would now have to cancel, grocery shopping that wouldn’t get done, and a lost driver’s license that would have to wait to be replaced. Oh, and I had barely slept in three days.

I spontaneously combusted. I started sobbing and I could not, for the life of me, stop. Garrett was sitting at the table eating dinner and stared at me. He’s never seen me cry like that. I mean, he’s seen me cry. But I’ve never been that tired and irritable and unable to STOP crying in front of him.

“Mom! Stop crying! I’m a really good finder. I’ll find your driver’s license.”

“That’s not why I’m crying, buddy.”

“Well, why are you crying?”

“I can’t explain it. I’m very frustrated.”

“Well, take off your glasses and wipe your tears. Then take a deep breath. You’ve got to calm down.”

Yes, that is exactly what he said. I took a deep breath.

“Are you calming down?”

“Yes. I’m calming down. I’m sorry I cried like that.”

Here are all of the reasons my crying was absurd:

1. I got a JOB. I know about 30,000 people who would kill for even a week of work right now, and I was given just that. That’s good news.

2. I was crying about getting a job in front of my four-year-old son.

3. My four-year-old son had to calm me down.

4. I could move all of my appointments to other days. Frustrating? Yes. Cry-worthy? No.

5. I need to start getting to bed earlier.

So, the week is over and the job was an absolute blast. My mom was able to handle picking G up from school and taking care of  him until either Russ or I got home. G even went home with a friend one day and had a five-hour play date which made him very happy. It all worked out.

I’m more than a tad mortified that Garrett had to take care of me in that moment. But I guess it’s good for him to know that I’m human and that I cry sometimes just because I’m hungry or tired or frustrated. And it was amazing for me to see how good he is at caring for a person who needs help. I’d like to think Russ and I had something to do with that.  (I’m just trying to make myself feel less stupid here.)

So, do me a solid and let me in on a recent time when you cried for a really stupid reason. (This is my second time in recent memory. Remember how I cried when I ruined the mac and cheese?) Oh my god. I really need to start sleeping.