30 Oct 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Do you now, or did you ever, have a nickname?

I never have had one, and it makes me sorta sad. The only nickname I ever had was “Lisa Kushell” or “Lisa Arch”. What? (You’re asking), but isn’t that your full maiden name followed by your full married name?

Yes. For some reason people never really call me Lisa. They always use my first and last name. “Lisa Arch” is how I am frequently greeted by my friends. In high school some people called me “Koosh”, short for Kushell. But I’m not really sure that counts.

So, allow me to live vicariously through you as you share your nicknames. And come up with one for me, if you so desire.

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24 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Melisa says:

    That’s funny: I DO call you “Lisa Arch”! (But to be fair, you also call me “Melisa Wells” sometimes.)

    Growing up, I was Missy. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) calls me that now, except for my sister.

    My parents call me “Mel”.

    Twenty years ago at work, my boss called me “Molisio”.

    Nothing too exciting, I guess, Lisa Arch.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      LOL, Melisa. Yeah, seriously everyone calls me by my full name. So weird! I desperately want to call you Missy, just once. But it sounds like I shouldn’t. So I won’t.

  2. Reply TravelMonkey says:

    My family calls me “Bobo” because I couldn’t say grandpa and would call him “Baba”. In fact, I still do.

    Growing up, I’ve had a lot of nicknames. I’m the youngest of 3 brothers so my brother’s friends would call me “Baby” and that stuck.

    My name is Scott, so I get all the usuals: “Snot”, “Snotty”, “Scotty”, “Scotty Potty”, “Scotch tape”, “Scooter”, along with “spoiled brat”, “SB”, “brat”.

    My high school football coach was bad with names so he used to call me “Tiger” (long before Tiger Woods was around).

    My high school baseball coach used to call me “Hot Dog”.

    Guys on my Judo team would call me “Gorilla” because apparently I have long toes.

    Finally, my co-ed softball team would call me “Hammer” which was shortened from “Hawaiian Hammer”.

    I answer to them all and can figure out who people are based on what they call me.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Holy crap! That’s a lot of nick names, Scott! My favorite is that people called you gorilla because of your toes. Hilarious!

  3. Reply Christine says:

    I’m surprised that you don’t have the typical Lisa nickname. All my other Lisa friends are called “Li” pronounced “Lee,” or “Lis” pronounced “Leese.”

    I have too many nicknames. Before I got married, a lot of people called me “Cap” because my last name was Capparelli. My college bestie called me Tina, and Bill sometimes does as well, which I never understood, because I’m Christine, not Christina. My Pop Pop called me “little girl” and I still smile when I think of it. An old flame called me Lommel, spelled LOML, which meant “love of my life.” But neither the name nor the relationship lasted, so it was not a good nickname at all. The kids at Kate’s school called me Mrs. Katherine’s Mom for the longest time, but now they call Miss Chris. A lot of people take it upon themselves to call me Chris, which I’m not especially fond of. I guess I’m happy just being Christine.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Christine, G’s friends at school always call me Garrett’s Mom. Needless to say, I love that. I guess I never thought of it as a nickname, though. You do not seem like a Chris to me, for what it’s worth.

  4. Reply kristin says:

    A few high school friends called me kris. My cousins and sister call me krouton – that’s how Kristin sounded from my sis when she was young. My class calls me Mrs E because people tend to have a hard time with Esposito. And people with a strong wish for a slow, painful death call me krissy. 😉

  5. Reply Kristy says:

    Miss Piggy when I was young because of my weight, Kris by a good friend, Miss Kristy and then Mrs. Kristy when I became a preschool teacher, Squeetie and Lady by my husband. Nothing too horribly exciting!

  6. Reply Trina @ Walking With Scissors says:

    My name is Trina so it morphed slowly from Treen to Treenbean and then to Bean and Beanie. I answer to any of those. And also to Kat-erina and even Kate occasionally, but that only happens with people who forget my real name…

  7. Reply @AnEffingLegend / Pat says:

    EVERYTHING that could possibly be derived from Patricia, my parents used to call me Patrice Nadice because I am Patricia Nadine, an old friend would only call me Nay-Nay (from Nadine), my oldest sister has always either called me Pink (long before P!nk came along), Pinky, or Bumper, (the pink names because I was always dressed in pink as a baby, and I don’t know where Bumper came from.) Another old friend called me Daisy, because he said I was “sweet as a daisy” (I didn’t bother to tell him the expression was “fresh as a daisy”), Shroom because my last name is Shrum (short u), a group of friends call me Columbo because, well, I’ll tell you that somewhere else. The safe version is because I was (/do) always trying to find a certain… item,… a friend and I call each other “Coolie” because that was our way of saying like, “best friend” (e.g. “Coolies for life”/”She’s my coolie”), an ex called me “Knuddelbar” (with the 2 dots over the ‘a’) because she’s german and in german that translates to “Cuddle bear” (I know, gag.)… I think that’s it!

    I thought I never had a nickname either til I answered this FSQ! Shit!

    And, I’ve called you “Lis” before, for what it’s worth. You mean Russ doesn’t call you “Lis” or… something?

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Pat, you have enough nicknames for ALL OF US! Sometimes people call me “Lis”. That’s not a nickname. That’s just “Lisa” lazily. 😉

  8. Reply Michelle says:

    Being a Michelle born shortly after The Beatles hit, there were A LOT of us in school. However, the only place I had a nickname was outside of school. And, it was Mish. I know, not very original. That was for most of the world. My great-uncle called me Boujaques and no one knows why.

    When I got older, a friend started calling me Shelley. The only reason he did that was because he knew that I hated it! He still calls me that . . . the irony, though, is that I named my daughter Shelley and I LOVE it for her. (No, she is not named after me. Being Jewish, she is named after my maternal grandmother Shirley.)

    I’ve saved the best for last, though. My entire life, when feeling “goofy” or silly or playful, my mother has called me Mishy Pishy. Again, I don’t know why as I was totally potty-trained (day AND night) before I was 1 year old and I didn’t have accidents.

    So, Lisa, not all nicknames are good or cute. Some are just down-right embarrassing! 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Mishy-Pishy??? Oh my gosh, Michelle. Yiddish has certainly given us loads of joy. My mom used to call me Mumishina. Her dad always used to say, “Mumishina, Tutzelulla, I love you.” HA!

  9. Reply Milaka says:

    This is going to be a long one. 😉 (By the way, my name is pronounced mill-AH-kuh.)

    Growing up, my nickname at home was Sissy because my little brother couldn’t say “Milaka”. (He couldn’t say “Sissy” for a long time and I was “Heehee”!)

    My dad’s cousin called me “Mo” because my dad’s nickname was “Bo” and dad’s cousin thought I should match.

    In college, one of my friends started calling me “Boomilaka” – short for a little song he made up where he would just chant BOOMilakalakalaka, BOOMilakalakalaka. Boomilaka shortened to Boom, which sometimes became Boom Boom. That was ironic because I was as far from a stereotypical Boom Boom as you could get – I was tiny and didn’t party at all.

    One of my acting class classmates called me Otto because I chose to study and perform “auto performance” (a la Spalding Gray) for my semester project. He was the only one who called me Otto – everyone else called me Boom.

    After college, when I got into a band, everyone called me Mil or Millie. When I emcee our church’s Vacation Bible School, I’m Miss Millie. It’s SO fun to get stopped in the grocery store by a kid saying, “Hey Mommy! It’s Miss Millie!”

    My favorite nickname is what my nephew calls me. We were going to have him call me Aunt Laka, so that’s how everyone referred to me with him, but he heard everyone calling me Milaka in conversation so he combined the two and now I’m Mintlaka. I absolutely adore that! He’s nine and he still calls me that.

    Now I’m pretty much Mil (that’s how I sign my e-mails to close friends and how a select few greet me).

    My brother and I are in a small artist’s group here in town where we all call each other by nicknames. (Yes, we all know each other’s real names, we just like to shake things up.) We have Buzz, Fever, Cupcake, Laughing Boy (or just LB), and Edie to name a few. In that group I’m Boom in conversation but Boom2 in the credits. 😉

    Did that answer your question, Lisa Arch?

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Milaka, that is just downright awesome. I love it! And you are all officially making me jealous because I fear I have not been interesting enough to have a nickname. That just occurred to me. DAMN! Well, Boom… That certainly DOES answer my question!

  10. Reply AL says:

    Arch. It was always Arch. Stuck all the way through high school. When I started first grade, it came as a surprise to me that, immediately following WWII’s end, a very popular song, “Linda” meant that a large contingent of the girl baby boomer wave, were stuck with that name! There were never less than nine Lindas in my classes, one year there were 14! So, the only other choice was middle name (which I really, really don’t like) or the last name.

    I didn’t mind so much. It was better than the alternative of having someone say “Linda” and have several of us respond. So, I didn’t really answer to my name outside the family for most of my early life. Also, in our small town, having an older brother who left a lasting impression in the classes to follow, gave me some…street cred?

    The thing I never adjusted to was the contstant need to spell my last name for people!! Never failed! “Arch,.. just like it sounds?” Yep. J u s t l i k e i t s o u n d s. Hope your luck is better with that? The name, however, has a fascinating (to me) history, our particular twig on the family tree goes back to 1600’s in merry old England…apparently to, and beyond, to William the Conquerer? How impressed are YOU?

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      VERY impressed, Arch. And yes, I have the same issues with the name. The oddest thing to me has been that many people ask if it’s pronounced “Arc”? ARC? There’s an “h” at the end!! Humph.

  11. Reply Laura says:

    My sister is 11 years older than I am and when I was a baby she always called me Sissy Bug.. As I got older, it got shortened to Bug. Most of my family call me Bug.

  12. Reply Alexandra says:

    MY nickname has always been “Sandy.”

    Haven’t thought about that one in ages…

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