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23 Nov 2011

A Birthday Poem

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Today’s my 40th birthday

and I don’t mean to make you flinch,

but I’m pretty sure that both my butt and boobs

have dropped an inch.

There are crow’s feet by my eyes,

and laugh lines by my mouth.

Did I mention that I think my boobs and butt

are moving south?

My memory’s still working,

of this I have no doubt.

Can someone please remind me what I was

just talking about?

I still can jog a mile,

not that I ever do.

But that’s because I just can’t find

a comfortable shoe.

My muscle mass is waning.

My skin is getting thin.

But that just helps to show you

what great shape my veins are in.

I can’t eat a lot of sugar

or drink a lot of wine.

But as long as I have fiber,

everything comes out just fine.

I can’t seem to stop nagging,

so much it seems a blur.

My mother thinks it’s just because I’m

turning into her!

I still listen to music,

but mostly in my car.

I think that BIlly Joel kid

is going to go far.

My son still thinks I’m cool,

but that’s just ’cause he’s four.

With every passing year, that ship will

sail a little more.

My husband thinks I’m sexy

and assures me every day.

But I’m pretty sure he misses

the more frequent rolls in hay.

There is much for which I’m thankful.

There are many I adore.

So I guess I’ll just run head-on

to the zero and the four.