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09 Jan 2012

One word at a time…

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I’ve stood here before, in the dark waters of fear. Afraid to write, to create.

I go about my days doing all of the other things I need to do, ignoring the nagging voice in my head that says, “Write.”

I have things to tell you, things I want to say. But time gets in my way. No, not true. I can write at night. I can make the time. But I don’t because I’m afraid I can’t do it right anymore. So I stop. And I’ve stopped so many times in my life, it just feels like something I do. It comes naturally.

And so does regret. And so does disappointment in myself.

So I sat down tonight to write. Just to write these words. I’ve given myself no agenda or assignment. Just to write. What happened to that girl who used to go to coffee shops and fill pages and pages? She stopped, too. Then started again. Then stopped again.

I want to stop stopping.

To begin.

So that’s what I did just now.