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17 Jan 2012

January 17, 2012

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“Watch this, mom. Watch. Watch. Watch this. Mom? Watch this. Are you watching? Watch. Watch this.”

He’s sliding across my office floor on an office chair. Back and forth. Using his legs to push him off the wall, into my desk. Then using them again to push himself off of my desk into the wall.

He has croup and is home from school today. He was home yesterday. And he’ll be home tomorrow.

I like it when he’s home. But it makes it hard to get stuff done.

I need to go grocery shopping. I need to fill out applications for schools for next year. I need to come up with some show ideas and an outline for an idea I’ve already had. I need to do a pushup or two before my arms become completely atrophied. And I really want to get into the blogging groove again.

He’s in the living room now. We made a fort out of blankets and he’s in there with a variety of toys, a few books, and my iphone on which he is currently watching pictures of Princess Leia set to classical music.

I fear in his later years he won’t be able to “perform” unless Mozart is playing in the background, and he’ll expect his lover to grace him with various poses that he can control by swiping his finger across a screen.

Luckily, this is not really one of my fears. Because my fears these days are taking up enough space in my head. I don’t have room for fake ones. But they make me laugh.

I’m shooting a pilot in three weeks and I’m anxious to say the least. Besides the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve shot something other than a clip show or a Disney guest star, I’m out of shape. I mean that literally and figuratively. I’m really, really out of shape. And I’m out of practice. I’ve been so immersed in mommy-hood for the last year, it’s difficult to get myself back into work mode. It makes me a nervous wreck. I’ve had a few meetings where I’ve had to put together outfits which didn’t include jeans and sweatshirts, and I even slapped on some high heels. If felt like the equivalent of being in a foreign country where you’re familiar with enough of the language to not be a complete nuisance, but not enough that anyone has the confidence in you to order for them when you go out to eat.

Garrett’s now asking if he can watch Apple TV. We got it as a gift from “People in Television” for Christmas, and it’s his newest obsession. He likes to watch YouTube videos of anything that has to do with Star Wars or the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song. If we can find the two of them meshed together (which we have), we’re in business.

He watched all of Star Wars on Sunday. The whole movie. We were going to wait a few years, but we didn’t. And, frankly, it was all fine. He probably sees scarier stuff on the giant pirate ship at school. He loved it. And now he can tell all his friends all about it. I’m happy for him.

I should go in there. He very well might be watching something inappropriate. Even though I have our settings set to “strict”, he happened upon a very naked drawing of a well-endowed Princess Leia-ish woman the other day. It was difficult to get my iphone pried out of his little fist.

But not as difficult as putting my feet into those damned high heels.