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18 Jan 2012


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G often sings himself to sleep lately. He’s great at making up lullabies, probably because I’ve been doing it for him since he was a baby. ┬áBut he’s better at it than I am.

Tonight his lullaby was this:

I’m singing myself to sleep.

My mom is rocking on the rocking chair.

She loves me so much. More than all the planets.

Like Venus. And Jupiter. And Mars.

And I love her as much but she says I don’t love her as much as she does.

She loves me so much.

And so does Dad. But he’s at work.

(At this point he interrupted himself to ask what time Russ gets home from work.)

And he gets home in about an hour.

But he loves me too.

And now my mom is trying to not listen to me.

She’s not paying attention because she wants me to sleep.

(At this point I laughed out loud).

And she thought that was funny.

(At this point he asked if I did, in fact, think it was funny. To which I replied yes and then sort of harshly told him to close his eyes and go to sleep. Which he did… With a blanket shoved in his Batman pajama shirt. So he looks like fat Batman.)