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25 Jan 2012

Which Way RV Going to Go?

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I want to sell our house and buy an RV. Then I want to spend a year traveling the country, eating at diners, seeing national parks and learning the history of the states, going to amusement parks and American malls and science museums and art galleries. And then I want to come back here, rent an apartment in a great school district, send my kid to free school, and look for a new home.

There are two reasons I want to do this:

1. I do not want to spend the absurd and obscene amount of money it’s going to cost to send G to a DK, or developmental kindergarten, which is the school between preschool and kindergarten.

2. I want to know a lot more about this great country we live in, and I want Garrett to see it.

Oh, and 3. I really like diners.

It’d have to be a nice RV. I think we’ve established I’m a bit of a princess. I’m thinking somewhere between RV and Tour Bus. I’d want to cook, because man can’t live by diner alone. It’d probably have to be used, but it’d be clean and lovely and have a comfy, big bed in back and some bunks. ¬†And couches. And a table to eat at or play games and do arts and crafts. And two TV’s.

Oh! I just thought of another reason. 4. It’d give me a chance to get rid of a whole lot of shit and start over when we got home.

This whole “looking for a school for next year” thing is really getting me down. Technically, G meets the cut-off date for kindergarten next year (for public school), but he’d be one of the very youngest for sure. And I don’t think that’s fair, especially since the trend seems to be going more and more toward holding kids (especially boys) back until they’re six. But our options for DK are very slim and they are all very expensive. Then there’s the following year to think about. I don’t love our school district, so I feel like we might be leaning toward private school. But the money that will take, paired with the fear that he might not be getting the “life lessons” he would get by being at a larger school, make me question whether or not private school is the way to go.

When I grew up, this discussion didn’t exist among the people I knew. You went to the school in your district. Period. Maybe it was different with the rich kids. Maybe their parents were fretting over which private school was best, filling out hundreds of applications, touring thousands of campuses. But my parents weren’t. Just typing this is filling me with so much anxiety I’m finding it hard to breathe.

The fact of the matter is, sending G to private school will stretch our finances in a way I don’t think we’re prepared for. And it will leave us with little extra for trips, or extracurricular¬†activities. But sending him to public school might make me feel like I’m not doing enough for him. Like he’s not getting the attention and care he deserves, and like his intelligence might be overlooked because of the class size and student to teacher ratio.

This is all we talk about, by the way. The other moms and I. This is our main discussion. Which schools have you seen? How many are you applying to? How much is it? Are you applying for financial aid? Do they even have financial aid available? Do you know anyone else who has gone there? I hear you have to apply now if you want your kid to go there in two years. I don’t like their philosophy. I don’t like the way their bathrooms are set up. Did you see they have chickens? Their music program is great! They have yoga twice a week. Are they affiliated with the church or just renting space? Do they have options for after-school care?

It’s driving me batty, folks. It is. And I figure the only way to avoid it for a year (before I absolutely HAVE to deal with it), is to sell the house, buy an RV and run away. We’ll come back in time for kindergarten tours, but we’ll be so full of pancakes and knowledge about the USA, nothing will seem too daunting.

Now all I have to do is convince my husband that we can do this. And that we can totally take a year off of work. Or maybe it’s better if I just put the house up for sale without telling him. That’ll work, right?