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07 Feb 2012

A Good Day

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In the last four-plus years, I have had many happy days. Let me rephrase that. In the last four-plus years I have had many, many glorious, joy-filled days where I felt blessed and happy and grateful.

Most of the joy has come from my family and friends. I am an incredibly lucky girl who has immensely good people in my life, a son who brightens every moment, a husband who should write a book on husbandry, (Wait, he doesn’t breed or raise livestock. You know what I meant though. ┬áHusbanding?), an extended family I adore, and friends who make my life even better.

But today was a different kind of day. Today I made my own happiness from being creative, from working at my craft, and from believing in myself. These are things that haven’t happened a lot for me lately, and I think I forgot how important they were to me. I felt, and feel, energized in a way I haven’t in quite a while. And then when I came home and played “Star Wars School” with G-Man, I think I had a little more to give to him than I usually do. And that’s saying something.

I just wanted to share with you that I found a type of joy today that I thought I had lost. And it was a good day.