28 Mar 2012

Blurry Eyes and Bus Drivers

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I had an eye appointment at 2:45 yesterday. My husband dropped me off because my eyes were being dilated and I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home. The plan was for him to take me to my appointment, pick G up from school, take him home for a snack and to change into his gi for karate, then bring him to pick me up at 4:00 so we could all get to his karate class by 4:30.

At 3:40, after a half hour with the doctor who did my prescription check and dilated my eyes, my appointment was not even close to being done. I called Russ and told him to just get me after karate class at 5:30. Although I was not excited about the prospect of sitting at the retirement home disguised as a doctor’s office for another two hours, I saw no other choice.

At 3:45 a nurse came to the waiting room to tell me my doctor was running 40 minutes behind, but I could see another doctor immediately. I opted for choice 2 and was out of there in 15 minutes. I’m not sure this doctor knew what he was doing, but that’s beside the point. I wanted to see Garrett in his gi. With my ever-blurring eyes (from the dilation), I mapped the bus route from the doctor to karate on my iphone. I had to find shade to see the screen. I would have to walk nearly a mile to the bus stop and take the bus 2 miles to karate.  The bus would be there at 4:14. It was 4:05.

For some reason, I was now DETERMINED to make it to karate before it started. As far as G-Man knew, I wasn’t going to be there at all… But I was. Oh, I was.

I started walking at a fast clip, then did my famous Olympic-Speed-Walk, then began jogging. By the time I got to the bus stop I was sweaty and probably did not look too hot in my glasses with the dark, plastic inserts to protect my insane, headache-inducing, dilated eyes from the glaring, painful, headache-inducing sun. As I came upon the bus bench I saw a huge trench between me and the street. There was construction going on here, and there were the orange cones to prove it. I looked to my left and saw my bus pulling away from the curb across the street. I raised my arm as if to say, “BUT I JUST RAN HERE!” And the bus stopped. In the middle of the street.

As I hopped inside, the driver looked at me in disgust. Was it my sweaty hair? My pathetic excuse for sun glasses? “Do you really think a bus would be stopping here with all this construction going on?” He didn’t say it. He seethed it. I said, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know where the other stop was.” No response. “How much is it?” “A dollar fifty”, he said with pity in his voice.

With that, I put my two dollars in the slot, (I had no change), and sat down. I was surprised at how clean the bus was. It’s been a while since I’ve been on one in the middle of the day. I took one recently to get on the train downtown, but that bus was crowded and dark and every seat was taken, so I really have no idea how clean it was.

I looked around and tried to act like I take the bus all the time. I put my hair back in a ponytail to try to stop sweating. I pushed my glasses up onto the bridge of my nose so the inserts would stop sliding out. I felt super cool.

About 12 minutes later, I hit the STOP button on the pole next to my seat. (I learned from watching others). At the next stop, the doors opened directly in front of G’s karate class. I walked in just in time to take him to pee before he would bow to his sensei. And I felt proud. I had braved the tough streets of the San Fernando Valley half-blinded by eye drops and sunshine, I had weathered the anger of a weathered bus driver, and I had made it to see my son punch things in his new class.  His smile when he saw me was enough for me to forget how horrible I must have looked.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? If I have somewhere to be for my son, BY GOD I’ll get there!!

You can start your applause now. Oh, don’t stand! That’s too much.
Thank you.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

12 Responses to “Blurry Eyes and Bus Drivers”

  1. Reply Milaka says:

    So we’re both overachievers today – you posted TWO blog entries within 24 hours and I was the first to comment on BOTH. I would say that it’s because I have no life, but it’s just because I was lucky. 😉 And I’m proctoring tests today and am online.

    Awesome story. I love it when you can surprise the kiddos. I bet he beamed!

  2. Reply AL says:

    What a great outcome! I love Mom on a mission stories…I’ve done a few of those in my time, always rewarding when you see the look on their faces!

    Savoring each drop of being present is the best we can do! Hugs from NOT sunny, more than slightly soggy, Oregon!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      AL, it was super cloudy here today and I got a little depressed. Russ said I could never live in Oregon. He’s probably right.
      But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep on visiting!!! (And maybe have a summer home there?)

      • Reply AL says:

        I know of a great little cattle ranch that will be coming on the market! The two, little old people who run it…..downsizing to a vacation home in Oregon sounds like a great idea! Plan B: we’ve been discussing the possiblity of creating a “global” family retreat, organic beef, eggs and marijuana…solar panels…it could work.

  3. Reply Alexandra says:

    Oh. I loved this. LOVED this.

    And all the while I read it and thought, WHY IS READING AT LTYM only a once in a lifetime thing ??

    Because this? Shared mommy stories of every day heroes who stop at nothing: not blindness, not sweaty ponytails, not inept doctors, NOTHING, stops us from getting to our babies.

    This was wonderful, Lisa.

    So glad I came over.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Alexandra, you are so damn adorable. I’m glad you stopped by, too. You put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  4. Reply Ann says:

    You’re going to be just like my Grandma Jo. Into her 90s she still lived in her own in Manhattan. Broken computer? No problem, she’d put it in her shopping cart and walk it 8 blocks to have a guy fix it.

    Just months before she died she threw a passover seder for the family. I came early to help, but she was so determined, she moved all of the furniture and cooked all of the food before I got there.

    And now I have to go write a blog post.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Oh, Ann. You clearly don’t really know me. I am far too lazy to be like your Grandma Jo. BUT… I do want people to PERCEIVE that I am like her. So I will always do just enough to make myself look like I did a whole hell of a lot. Make sense? Or am I just hypnotizing you so you think I just changed the oil on my car?

  5. Reply Melisa says:

    I LOVE this. BEST EVER.

    I wish I had some kind of award to bestow on you. Maybe I’ll fashion one in my spare time this weekend!

    Good job, blurry momma!

  6. Reply TracyK says:

    You are my hero! I would do anything for my kids, but a city bus? No sure I’d be brave enough! The truth is it would not have even entered my mind! This is LA, not Portland! I’m just kidding! Seriously though, one of the best stories!!

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