30 Apr 2012


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12 years ago today, I got married.

12 years ago today, I was 28 years old.

12 years ago today, I wore a princess dress.

12 years ago today, I vowed to love and cherish.

12 years ago today, I exchanged rings with the kindest man I know.

12 years ago today, I danced to YMCA.

12 years ago today, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

12 years ago today, I had a huge zit on my chin.

12 years ago today, I had my bags packed for Maui.

12 years ago today, my face hurt from smiling. (And the zit.)

12 years ago today, I sat in a hotel room at 2AM, eating burgers and reading wedding cards with my new husband.

12 years ago today, I was not yet a mom.

12 years ago today, my dad was still alive.

12 years ago today, I shared the most important day of my life with many people I no longer speak to.

12 years ago today, I was just a kid.

So many things have changed in the last 12 years. But the constant is how much I love the man I said “I do” to. We have been through some rough patches, we have lost some people by choice and others by fate, we have gained new friends who bless us daily, we have become parents and that has changed us. Through it all, we have not only sustained… We have flourished. And we are lucky, and we are blessed. And we work at this thing every day.

12 years ago today, was the beginning of the best part of my life. I am grateful beyond words. I would fall to my knees and thank God and the Universe every day, if my knees weren’t 40 years old. Somehow I got to marry someone who not only made this world a better place for me to live in, but made ME better. (And, I wasn’t so bad to begin with!)

I wish I could re-live that day, 12 years ago, over and over. And I wouldn’t change a thing about what has transpired since. And now that I see my husband, my partner as a father… It makes me think I was a pretty brilliant 28-year-old, marrying a man with the qualities to not only be my rock, but to raise a son who will be the same kind of man his daddy is. And that is also changing this world for the better.

12 years ago today, I won.

Happy Anniversary, baby. 12 years ago today, we danced to “Fly Me to the Moon”. And these 12 years have flown by. Let’s do it all again. What do you say?

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

12 Responses to “Twelve”

  1. Reply Suzy says:

    Great post Lisa. I hope it was Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon.

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. Reply Julie says:

    Congratulations to you both, Lisa! A loving, happy, long-term marriage is nothing short of a miracle. The best part is that love continues to grow every day.

    I hope you’ll have many more happy years together!

  3. Reply Ronda says:

    Congratulations! As we approach 23 years, I can tell you it only gets better as long as you continue to make each other number one priority! You are both truly blessed!

  4. Reply Melisa says:

    Mazel tov! Happy anniversary to you both. I love this post. So sweet: “12 years ago, I won.” LOVE.

  5. Reply Husband says:

    What?! I’m the FOURTH person to reply to a post dedicated to me?! Welcome to FlawedHusband.com everyone!

    And to my wife, who makes my decision to propose look better with each passing day, I love you more than I can ever type, or tweet, or post! Wow, some OTHER things have changed in 12 years, huh?

    I can never express how cool it is to live with your best friend and have the kind of family life you never even dreamed possible as a kid.

    These twelve years have been the best of my life and I can only hope for many more with you, Garrett, and our current (and future) pets.

    I love you!

  6. Reply Christine says:

    Great post! Yesterday was our 17th Anniversary. I remember twelve. I’ve learned a lot since then. May you and your hubby continue to not simply go through many more years together, but grow through many more years together. Wishing you love, joy, laughter and lots of fantastic sex. Happy Anniversary!!! xoxo

  7. Reply Kristy says:

    Congratulations to you both. You have a precious family and deserve a lifetime of love and laughter!

    My husband and I are approaching our 12th wedding anniversary (may 20) and I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am!

  8. Reply Milaka says:

    Awwww! This is a great post. Congrats to you on twelve wonderful years and here’s to the many, many more to come.

    (I got married at 28, too!)

  9. Reply Amy says:

    Beautiful! Gives this engaged-to-married girl some home that it will still be romantic in the future. Happy Anniversary.

  10. Reply Amy says:

    (That was supposed to say “hope.” Home is good too.)

  11. Reply Carla says:

    Congratulations you two:)

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