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25 Jun 2012

M to the U to the U times two

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I have recently come to the conclusion that I don’t hate my body. I do, however, hate my body in clothes. Think about it. Without jeans, do you have a muffin top? Without a bra, do you have armpit fat? Without a waistband, does your stomach have anything to hang over? Without underwear, does anything cut into your butt? (Which is why, by the way, I still usually opt for a thong. I know. TMI.)

You see what I’m getting at though, right? It’s the CLOTHING’S fault! Clothes, especially today’s styles, are the enemy. So, I’m proposing we all either walk around naked, or we all start wearing muumuus.

We can modernize it. We can make it stylish. We can dress it up or dress it down. It’s the perfect article of clothing. No clinging, no cutting-in, no waistbands. It shows just enough of your arms and your neck. It highlights just enough of your legs. You can wear it with flip-flops or Uggs. Heck, throw on a pair of running shoes and jog in it!

I’m proposing we bring back the muumuu. I don’t know one woman who wouldn’t benefit. And, I’ll make sure it comes with pockets so you don’t have to tuck your tissues in the sleeve like your grandma did.

Let’s make it happen, ladies. Let’s love ourselves again. I mean, we look pretty hot naked. Let’s no longer let our clothing make us feel differently.

Muumuus, bitches. Muumuus.