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27 Jun 2012

Instincts 101

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You know what’s really freaking cool about being a mom? When you listen to your instincts, you trust them, you follow them, you don’t change your mind… And you reap the rewards.

We have not stopped moving since G’s last day of school a week ago. It’s been constant playing and going and doing and swimming, and my little boy was exhausted today. I could see it in his adorable face this morning. As much as he seemed ready to tackle the day, his eyes betrayed him and he looked beat.

I decided that, unless he napped, we wouldn’t go out today. Today would be a day for relaxing, watching TV, and maybe playing a bit outside. But we would not venture out, not even for the previously planned dinner and play-date with friends.

So, around 11:00 AM I took him back to his room and gave him the full report: “If you can’t nap for a little bit, we’re not going anywhere today. Not as a punishment, but because I think you’re too tired.” His response? “Mom, I’m really tired. But I’m not tired enough to nap!” He has said these words before, just prior to slipping into such a deep sleep that I was unable to wake him up without screaming his name two hours later.

I told him to just try. He wouldn’t. Fifteen minutes later, we emerged from his room and I canceled plans with no argument from Garrett. Once you explain something to this kid, he seems to totally get it. The rest of the day went swimmingly. We took it easy, had a lovely dinner, and even started a new cleaning project that was a huge success. We read two books, got his teeth brushed, and he was sounds asleep by 7:30… Something that hasn’t happened in AGES!

So, I was right to listen to myself. There was a moment around 4:00 that I wanted to try to get our plans back, just because I was a bit stir-crazy and felt sort of bad. But I fought that feeling and continued with the plan. I think the rest of this week will be better for the time out we took today. And I do love those moments when we listen to ourselves and take care of our families. I think it’s quintessential mom-ness. And it lets me know to listen to that little voice in much more dire situations. Today was like a test-run of the alarm system. It seems to be working fine.

What does “quintessential mom-ness” mean to you?