09 Oct 2012

The Abbreviated Version

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I sat down for an hour yesterday and wrote about all the reasons I’ve been “off line” for three months. I worried about posting it. I just read it back and I can’t stand how I sound.

Short and sweet:  Bout of depression (first ever in my life), Bout of severe anxiety once I came out of my depression (first ever that I can remember), mid-life crisis, paralyzing decisions about my future, terrifying decisions about G’s future (that I know I am putting FAR too much importance on, but can not help fretting about), etc.

I am fighting my way out of this. I am completely aware of all of the beauty and joy in my life. I am enjoying my son more than ever. I am trying to figure it out. I am trying to find myself again, but I think I’ve been looking for the wrong me. I think there’s a new me in her place and I need to learn her language.

I have been useless at my keyboard, so I stopped trying for a while. It’s more important for me to be useful in my life, and then I believe the rest will follow.

I’ve missed this. But more than that, I missed me.

And that is about 1100 words less than the post I wrote yesterday. I just saved you a whole lot of time.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you soon.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

7 Responses to “The Abbreviated Version”

  1. Reply Sherry says:

    Lisa, that all makes sense. Take the time to be happy with yourself and all else will fall in place! You are a truly beautiful person and mom. 🙂

  2. Reply Christine says:

    Listen to me. I could have written that post years ago. And now I teach others how to live an emotionally healthy, vibrant, authentic life. I know we are not “real life, chat on the phone, go to lunch” friends. I know that we were thrown together for ten days of a tv show and you have been gracious enough to indulge me on your blog and on words with friends. But I also know that all paths cross for a reason. You helped me. I can help you if you allow me to. Go to my Tarot Vision page on facebook. Read about what I do, what I teach. I help people heal from depression, from anxiety, from grief, from dis-ease in body, mind and spirit. My work as an energy healer is not something I take lightly. Its not for fun. Its messy, emotional, deep healing work. I have clients all over the country who I work with over the phone. Let me repay you for the positive change you brought into my life. We all have to clean house sometimes. But the most important rooms to clean are the ones in our hearts and heads and souls. I am here if you need me. I wish you peace, clarity, focus and ease of breath and mind and soul.

  3. Reply Patty says:

    Sending lots of love your way! xoxo
    Beautifully and bravely said 🙂

  4. Reply Laura says:

    Good to hear from you Lisa. Take care of yourself.. Sending you a big hug.

  5. Reply Melisa says:

    I have missed you terribly. xo
    Call me ANYTIME.

  6. Reply AL says:

    So proud you are rejoining the beautiful parts of life! Experiencing the extreme low moments that seem unending, happen now and again, and always surprises us, and always when we least expect it. Knowing you are loved, unconditionally, is somehow harder to accept? At least it has always been, for me.
    Be kind to yourself. Embrace all that you mean to your family, your friends and to those who appreciate what you give so unselfishly to everyone in your life.
    You are so loved, Lisa! You make a difference in this world, and that’s a good thing!

  7. Reply Milaka says:

    I’ve missed you.

    I understand what you are going through. I could write a post very like this one right now. Right now our lives (I use “our” because there are such similarities between us) are in flux. It’s intense. I’m glad that you are doing what you need to do to get through this. You’ll “get”. I’m sure we all will.

    Take care of yourself. Cut yourself some slack when you need to and hold your feet to the fire when you need to. And learn how to distinguish those times! 😉

    I know we don’t know each other in the “real” world, but you have my e-mail. Use it if you need to. Or if you want to. Or not. Just know that I’m here.

    Oh, and the best piece of advice I got when I was worrying about what to do for Princess’ kindergarten year was from a friend with four kids – all of whom she was home schooling. She said, “Try something. You really can’t mess up kindergarten.” We hit on the first try with Princess. Not so much with Buddy. But first grade for Buddy was exactly where he needed to be. You’ll make the right decision because you CARE.

    Much love to you and yours!

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