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10 Mar 2013

Sunday 3/10/13

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It’s 9:00AM on Sunday.
I’m on my third load of laundry.
G refuses to go to a Daylight Savings event at my favorite, organic, gluten-free bakery. He likes to stay in PJ’s as long as possible. I get it, kid. But I really want a scone.
There’s very little food in the house and I desperately need to go to Trader Joes. See above statement about PJ’s.
Russ is sick and still in bed.
It is GORGEOUS outside. Sunny, chilly… Beautiful. I know this because our laundry room is outside.
I’m going to pour my second cup of coffee, grab my Sunset magazine, and sit on the couch while G plays Wii Sports Resort.
And we’ll see if we get out of our PJ’s before noon.
I wouldn’t count on it.

What are you up to today?