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11 Mar 2013

Looking for Light

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I went to temple Friday night for the first time in… A very long time.
It’s funny how whenever I go, I hear at least one thing that resonates with me.
Friday it was this (Or something like this, but probably far more eloquent):

There is light everywhere on this Earth.
If you walk through the world seeking this light, you will find it in many places.

Then the rabbi talked about the person who lets you go ahead of them in line at the grocery store, the driver who lets you in front of them in traffic, a person who holds the door open for you, etc. These are all lights.

These are the kinds of moments that always make me feel a little better about humanity. And when I offer these things into the world, I feel better too.

I’m going to spend this week looking for light everywhere. I know I will find some. And I will try to be some, too.

How do YOU plan on being a light this week? (She says in a New York-Jewish-Mother voice to guilt you into doing something “light-ish”.)