14 Mar 2013

Throw Back Thursday

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It’s Throw Back Thursday. Yesterday I just so happened to find a WEALTH of pictures from my past, as I began to clean out our closet o’ photos in my office. These are the things you find yourself doing when your son is home sick for the 100th time since January, and you are not feeling so great yourself. Here’s a sampling for you. I’m sure I’ll regret this, even though I’ll probably show you more in the coming Thursdays.

Here is a school photo of me. I do not know when this was taken. I do know my milkshake did NOT bring all the boys to the yard, unless I was playing tether ball. Then, they’d show up.

This is my sixth grade graduation photo. I was graduating from a Jewish day school. I knew Hebrew, I was a year from my bat mitzvah, and I rocked some plastic pearls.

This is from my first headshot photo shoot when I was somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14. The photographer obviously told me to look like I was very untrusting of whoever handed me this giant lollipop, while also trying to look uncomfortably embarrassed.

This is me at 17, in Hawaii for my graduation trip. This was at the peak of me thinking I was a fat cow. How did I live with myself?? (NOTE: I am so fucking mad that I thought I was fat. I should’ve been naked all the time. I also should have had an IV drip filled with butter, because I could’ve put on a few.) I was really dumb.

This is me, at 20, in a… BEAUTY PAGEANT! I made it to the top 10. I was trying to face my fears of public bathingsuit wearing, big hair, and pageant girls. It was an odd night. But I look happy. Oh, and Avon Rent-A-Car was really proud to sponsor me. (I had to BEG them, as no one else would bite.)

So there you go. My first attempt at a Throw Back Thursday post. Can I see some of your old photos? Come on… I’ve earned that!!!!

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