06 Jun 2013

Lice Mother, Lice Son.

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Last week was one of the most exhausting weeks of my lice. I mean life. It’s not that I don’t lice doing laundry, I mean LIKE doing laundry. It’s just that I don’t like doing 45 loads in four days. Luckily, there was a lice, I mean LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, but it seemed very far away. And I still haven’t totally recovered. It wasn’t just the laundry. It was the vacuuming, wiping down, scrubbing, and cleaning things that didn’t even need to be cleaned. There’s a fine lice between cleaning and cleaning OBSESSIVELY. And itching non-stop. I mean line. There’s a fine line.

Yes, our family was struck. This was the third time this year the little buggers came to visit our school. And, since we completely missed it the other two times, I was confident we would msis it again. We didn’t. WE didn’t. Did you get that part? WE. G and I. Me and G.

Luckily, we got to it early. It started Tuesday morning. Russ had taken G to school and I had just gotten on my “walking Bogie” clothes when the phone rang. Russ gave the phone to G who sweetly said he was coming home because he had lice. They arrived home moments later and then it began. I called the Lice Lady, (Yes, there’s a Lice Lady), got on line to do research, and started my day. Lice Lady arrived about 90 minutes later and combed through G’s hair for an hour. Then I insisted she comb through mine. I had it. Barely. But that’s like being a little pregnant.

When she left, I went into action. I stripped the beds, took the blankets off the couches, and put all of G’s stuffed animals in garbage bags, tied them tight and put them into the garage.  I put every article of clothing we could have possibly worn in the last several days into the laundry baskets and left them all outside. I vacuumed the 2 carpeted rooms and the rug in the living room. I vacuumed the matresses, I wiped down the couches, I soaked my brushes in alcohol, poured boiling water over them, and put them in the freezer to sit for 72 hours. Then I started doing laundry. I did laundry until 11:00 PM that night. I promise I’ve done at least (and I think I’m being very conservative here) 60 loads of laundry in 10 days.

We took G to get his hair buzzed that day. I bought a lice comb, lice prevention spray, and tons of treats for G being so patient and good.  We went to the laundromat to get eight loads done at once, just to shave off some hours of washing. That night I sobbed from exhaustion and stress. But at least I waited until G went to sleep!

Since then, several other kids have been sent home. It’s been like a revolving door of lice at our school. I check G’s head every morning, wash his hair with Tea Tree Oil shampoo nightly, and put the lice prevention spray on him daily. I also put it on myself and try to convince myself that tea tree oil, mint, and rosemary is a sexy scent on me. I use the lice comb on myself every other night, just to be sure I’m okay. I even went to a lice-specialty salon Monday night to have myself checked again. I was asking the owner a ton of questions and she literally told me I needed to chill out. She said, “You’ve done everything right. Neither of you have it anymore. You’re done. Chill out.” I asked if I should buy the carpet spray from her and she said, “Stop. You’re okay now.” I told her I was sure crazier people than me had been in there. She said yes, but I’m not sure she meant it.

I can’t stop cleaning or doing laundry. I can’t stop vacuuming. I can’t stop checking for lice. Yesterday I had the lice salon people come to our school. They combed through everyone whose parents were willing to pay. One more person got sent for treatment. I think we might have conquered everyone now.

So there you go. You’re probably itching by now. That’s what happens. I just wanted to share my experience with you so that you know what to expect if you get it. And I was also hoping to kind of make the whole stigma disappear. It’s not a disease. It doesn’t happen to dirty people. It’s not shameful. Kids get it all the time, and pass it on and bring it home. I hope we never have to deal with it again and I hope you don’t have to either. But mostly us.

At least my house is clean! Really, really clean. And that’s lice. I mean nice.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

8 Responses to “Lice Mother, Lice Son.”

  1. Reply Allison says:

    My biggest fear w my thick hair! Counting my lucky stars I have not had this outbreak w Syd. Had this as a child because of dirty Josie McKenzie. Lost my curls because of her. That bitch! The nightmare…Ps. Where is the lice salon? Just in case.

  2. Reply Linda says:

    Lice work, Mom!

    Ugh…lice patrol at the END of the school year is better than the beginning? Now, chill out and enjoy your summer! 🙂 Love AL

  3. Reply Melisa says:

    Back when my older son was about eight he was walking around the family room scratching his head and my sister, who lived with us at the time (I mean she does now but this was the last time she lived with us! 🙂 ) said to him, “Come here! What’s the matter with you? Do you have lice or something?”

    And he ran over to sit on her lap and OH YES SHE DID FIND A HEAD FULL OF LICE.

    So I’ve been there, sister, but there was no Lice Lady and no lice-specialty salon so my past self hates you just a little bit, but my present self is just sending hugs because that shit is nasty to deal with. xoxo

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Melisa, LOL!!!! Yes, these are magical times we live in. And luckily neither of us had a “head full”. No bugs, thankfully!! Just nits. Man… I never want to say nits again.

  4. Reply Milaka says:

    Oh honey, we’ve been there. Luckily (?) Buddy was the only one who got them. Both times. Poor kid. We caught ’em early and only treated them with olive oil and LOTS of combing.

    The funniest part (well, probably the only funny part) was when the second round when Buddy looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Permission to cuss?” I nodded. Then this little tiny voice came out with, “Shit.” Then giggles.

    You’re in my prayers!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Milaka!! I love the permission to cuss. There are always appropriate times for that. And so sweet when they ask!! My nephew did the same exact thing when he broke his finger. xo

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