14 Jan 2016

8-Year-Old: The Next Generation

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Dear 8-Year-Old,

Yesterday, after school, we tried a new homework tactic to avoid the 2-hour back and forth that happens daily. It worked pretty well.

Yesterday, after homework, I let you play on your iPad for 10 minutes.

Yesterday, after the iPad, we threw the football.

Last night I served you stir fry with organic, grass-fed beef because I know you love beef stir-fry and I found a recipe. You picked at the broccoli and carrots and I let you leave several on your plate.

Last night I drove you to flag football practice and sat there in the cold as you ran your butt off.

Last night I gave you a bowl of cereal because you were hungry from all that running. I let you eat it in front of the TV, and stay up past your bedtime.

Last night I let you sleep in my bed because Dad’s not home, and I went into YOUR bed at 1:00 AM because there was no room for me between you and the dogs.

Last night I stayed with you until you fell asleep. I always stay with you until you fall asleep.

This morning I placed the raisins on your peanut butter and jelly sandwich exactly where you wanted them.

This morning I told your teacher to please let you get ice if you needed some for the broken blood vessel you got in your eye during practice last night.

I did this all because I love you.

My parents loved me this much, too.

But the only thing they would have allowed…

Is the peanut butter.



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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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